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The Propac Brand


The Propac Packaging Machinery Range

At Propac Machinery Limited we stock a broad range of quality packaging / shrink wrap machines to enable our customers to find the correct solution for their needs. We aim to cover various price points throughout our range to suit any budget or requirement. Our machines are designed to sit in that range to offer an extremely high quality and reliable machine at the best value possible. All with the peace of mind of a comprehensive warranty and service contracts. Propac also offers a full range of compatible consumables to compliment all products.

Pallet Wrappers

The Propac Pallet Wrapping Machinery Range
Pallet Wrappers

Propac stock a range of pallet wrappers to suit your business needs and production requirements. Whether you need a budget pallet wrapping machine that's simple, reliable and built to last or a fully automated wrapper where the operator doesn't even have to leave the forklift, we have a machine for you. Propac also offers all stretch wrap consumables and affordable service contracts to keep you up and running.

Strapping Machines

The Propac Strapping Machinery Range
Strapping Machines

Our Propac strapping machines range from fully automated machines for use within a complete automated packaging line to semi automatic machines designed to work as stand alone units. Strapping machines are a highly versatile industrial packaging tool used in a huge variety of industries. Propac strapping machines are highly reliable and built to last all of our Propac machinery can be backed up with a service contract to ensure your machinery and business always run effectively.

Chamber Machines

The Propac Chamber Machinery Range
Chamber Machines

Propac chamber machines are designed to be as simple to use as possible and offer a cost effective way of presenting and protecting your products. Used in conjunction with centre folded shrink film the operator places the product inside the film and moves the item over into the the chamber before closing the hood to start the sealing and shrinking cycle. Hot air is then circulated around the chamber to shrink the film ensuring a clean and neat finish. We also offer a full range of consumables and affordable service contracts for all Propac machinery.

L-Sealer & Heat Tunnels

The Propac L-Sealer & Heat Tunnel Machinery Range
L-Sealer & Heat Tunnels

Propac semi automatic l-sealers with built in heat tunnel provide an all-in-one high output packaging solution. This semi automatic system is simple to operate and is the next step up from a chamber machine. Used in conjunction with centre folded shrink film up to a roll size of 600mm wide. An optional flexible conveyor can be added to manage the finished products exiting the heat tunnel. We also offer a full range of consumables and affordable service contracts for all Propac machinery.

New Packaging Machinery

The requirements of packaging machinery are vast but we're confident you’ll find a machine to suit your business within our Propac machinery range. We believe in supplying you with not just a machine but the correct machine to meet your exact needs and we will work with you to achieve that. Each Propac machine is extensively tested in our workshops and backed up with a comprehensive warranty. Affordable service contracts are available and recommended to keep your machinery running perfectly as you’d expect.

Used Packaging Machinery

At Propac we understand that not all customers require new machinery to suit there business needs. To us that doesn't mean the machinery should lack in quality or reliability your equipment should be able to perform exactly when you need it to. Thats why at Propac we put all used machinery through a proven refurbishment process by our team of dedicated engineers. Attention to detail is second to none thats why we provide a comprehensive warranty on all refurbished machinery.

Brands of new and used machinery we sell...
  • Propac
  • Wraps UK
  • EDL
  • Audion
  • DEM
  • Cousins
Wrapping Consumables

Propac offers a full range of packaging consumables to compliment all the machinery we hold in our range. With extremely competetive pricing and products sourced from some of the worlds best manufactures in the industry we can supply your business effectively no matter what the quantity may be. Click the Shop Consumables link bellow to view our product range and inquire for pricing.

Support & Resources
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