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Here is our current range of fully refurbished Dibipack packaging machinery. All of our used machinery has been expertly serviced by our trained packaging machinery engineers and are ready for full operation. Any machine parts that are damaged or about to imminently fail that are essential to the machines operation will have been replaced during the refurbishment process. All machines are fully cleaned to a high standard and are tested by us to ensure the machinery is fully functional. Please check back regularly as completed refurbished machinery leaving our workshops are updated here frequently.

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  1. Dibipack 4255 Heat Shrink Chamber Machine
    The Dibipack 4255 Heat Shrink Chamber Machine is designed to be as simple to use as possible and offer a cost effective way of presenting and protecting your products...... Learn More
  2. Dibipack 4255 Chamber Machine with Auto Unwind
    Dibipack 4255 auto unwind SA EV The Dibipack is a simplified high performance machine. It has many key features including: • Working Cycle electronically controlled by a microprocessor • It is ..... Learn More
  3. Dibipack 6084 EV Chamber Machine
    These "giants" have the same specifications as the shrink-wrapping machines of the Dibipack Evolution line but with some peculiarities: such as two hold-down solenoids that keep the hood closed during..... Learn More
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  • Propac
  • Wraps UK
  • EDL
  • Audion
  • DEM
  • Cousins

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