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Full range of used and refurbished shrink wrap packaging machinery available

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  1. Dibipack 4255 Heat Shrink Chamber Machine
    The Dibipack 4255 Heat Shrink Chamber Machine is designed to be as simple to use as possible and offer a cost effective way of presenting and protecting your products...... Learn More
  2. Kempner Heat Shrink Chamber Machine
    This Kempner Chamber Machine sits at the smaller end of the chamber machines. It is a single phase easy to use - entry level shrink wrap machine...... Learn More
  3. Thermopak Heat Tunnel
    max. product size: 800mm x 1200mm machine size: 4800mm x 2100mm..... Learn More
  4. Shanklin Shrink Tunnel T-7-E
    Shanklin Shrink Tunnel T-7-E Max product size - 360mm wide x 200mm tall Adjustable conveyor speed Adjustable temperature ... Top mounted blower For heat, shrinking plastic Volts - 415 Amps..... Learn More
  5. Adpak Shrink Wrapping Machine Easy 700
    A full working Adpak Shrink Wrapping Machine. This Easy 700 is a combined sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel linked on a common frame, allowing products to be shrink wrapped using minimum floorspace...... Learn More
  6. Beck B2 Serienpacker - 4 Sided sealer with heat tunnel
    Thanks to the unique beck-Serienpacker principle, non-deforming, shapely and tight packages can be made with manual or fully automatic product feeding. Two rolls of flat film guarantee that film and p..... Learn More
  7. Rochman SLS 60/60 L Sealer
    The Rochman machines is designed for industrial use, and while it is designed to work with other Rochman machines, it will also work with other heat tunnels. This L Sealer has the sealing dimensions o..... Learn More
  8. Minipack-torre Replay 55 2 in 1 Shrink Wrap Chamber Machine
    Minipack Replay 55 Chamber Machine in excellent condition Ready to go now. The machine is single phase and requires little prior knowledge to operate this easy-to-use machine!..... Learn More
  9. Maripak 2-in-1 Heat Shrink Wrap Chamber Machine (large)
    Temperature Control Hood Timer Sealing wire timer Mobile Stand..... Learn More
  10. Kalfass Semi-Automatic L-Sealer and Shrink Wrap Heat Tunnel
    Kalfass Semi-Automatic L-Sealer and Heat Tunnel L Sealer -adjustable hold time -conveyor belt into the heat tunnel Heat Tunnel -variable speed -variable heat..... Learn More
  11. SMIPACK S440 2-in-1 Heat Shrink Wrap Chamber Machine
    SMIPACK S440 Heat Shrink Wrap Chamber Machine..... Learn More
  12. Adpak U-Shaped Roller Conveyor for Shrink Wrap Machines
    Roller Conveyor Height Adjustable..... Learn More
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